Press Releases

June 15th 2023 

Breaking Gay Chains through Art The Power of Art


Dallanges, an emerging artist who is thought-provoking, has just released for the month of pride, his artwork series “cry for Help”. His motto is to push boundaries. He urges the young (and the not so young) to break out of their shells and push their limits. He applies this to himself by pushing the boundaries of artistic creation. He just released a series of artworks representing this call for help and describing the need to push the boundaries of society when one is a young gay person even today in some environments. 

Download Dallanges' press release about LGBT art here




June 4th 2023

When Soulages Meets Anna Eva Bergman 

In the realm of contemporary art, the mystery of Soulages's Outrenoir and the ethereal harmony of Anna-Eva Bergman's landscapes have long captivated audiences. Today, a new artist emerges, drawing inspiration from this intriguing fusion - introducing Dallanges, an artist who skillfully intertwines the influences of these masters into his own unique contemporary art tapestries. 


Download Dallanges's press release about Soulages and Anna-Eva Bergman here