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 First Dallanges comes from an engineer background in optics which made him discover the power of images manipulation. Therfore Dallanges’ art is characterized by simplified geometric forms, reduced to their essential lines, shapes and colors.

He created a unique visual vocabulary, drawing with an infinite palette of restricted colors, mainly blues and golds.

This reduction of infinite subjects to minimalist representations allows viewers to engage with his work on an instinctive, emotional level and feel an immense notion of infinite.

Dallanges is known for his inventive use of image manipulation.

Textures representation like gold leaf textures are incorporated in his abstract works in a way that adds depth and dynamism to his compositions. The reflective quality of gold leaf creates an interplay of light and texture, lending his work a mystical, otherworldly aura.

Dallanges’ art is deeply personal, rooted in his own experiences and emotions. Yet, he frames these personal themes within universal concepts such as time, existence, and nature. This balance between the personal and universal gives his work a broad appeal and depth of meaning. His obsession is that his work connects to the infinite possibilities we all have.

Dallanges's work is not just visually striking; it's also intellectually stimulating. His abstract forms encourage viewers to contemplate themes of infinity, eternity, infinite seas, infinite skies. His work is often seen as a bridge between the earthly and ethereal, the physical and metaphysical.

Consistent Artistic Exploration: Despite the diversity of forms and themes in Dallanges’ work, there's a strong sense of consistency in his artistic exploration. He remains dedicated to his abstract, minimalist style throughout her career, continually refining and expanding upon his ideas. This consistent, singular focus contributes to the strong, recognizable identity of his body of work.

Dallanges’ art stands out for its unique visual language, innovative use of materials, depth of meaning, and consistency of vision. His works, both personal and universal, minimalist yet intricate, earthly and celestial, encapsulate his unique artistic perspective and solidify hhiser distinctive position in the contemporary art world.

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