Dallanges: Art Inspiring limitless Possibilities

Dallanges: Art Inspiring limitless Possibilities

Dallanges is an emerging artist with unique art of image manipulation and infinite emotions of blues, golds, blacks, dubbed the "Soulages of Blue”.

Dallanges: The Emerging Artist Inspiring Limitless Possibilities in New Contemporary Art

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Dallanges' artistic drive was initially restrained by a family environment pushing him towards a "normal" education and career. Thus, he became an engineer from the Higher School of Optics. He discovered image manipulation techniques that would form the basis of his photographic and then his extended art. He also developed a fascination for materials, volumes, and textures. This fueled his inherent passion for the arts.

He then dared to rise above his predestined path, convinced that his technical knowledge of image processing and material combinations opened up infinite artistic possibilities.

This is the path he would follow, giving birth to a particularly unique artistic technique.

A technique unveiling infinite possibilities. A technique that gives his artistic works a real power to trigger in the viewer feelings of serenity and superpower, allowing them to refocus and find solutions among the infinite possibilities broadcasted through these paintings.

Dallanges embarks on a journey into the vast and infinite world of contemporary art, becoming a pioneer in this art inspiring limitless possibilities.

Part of his work provokes these emotions of calmness, confidence and unlimited potential through paintings of infinite seas and skies, always treated in a way that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Another part of this work uses unimaginable combinations of materials to convey this idea of infinite possibilities. Dallanges imbricates them through digital art, thus pushing the limits of imagination. His work evokes raw emotion, breathing life into seemingly living materials.

His color palette is adapted to his messages of infinity. He mainly manipulates a palette of Infinite Blues, a palette of Infinite Golds and a palette of Infinite Blacks. His art, like the unlimited combinations of the 12 musical notes, conveys an infinite range of emotions through the use of a palette of 3 infinite notes, the blues, the golds, the blacks. This combination captures the essence of the limitless possibilities of his art and the emotions it triggers in the viewer.

He is fascinated by two great contemporary artists, Soulages and Anna Eva Bergman. As he entered into contemporary art he received the nickname "Soulages of Blue.

Dallanges is now living between London, Paris and San Francisco.


« Transitioning from an optics engineer to an artist, I infuse an engineering perspective into the inspiration drawn from my two muses, Soulages and Anna-Eva Bergman, giving birth to this new style of inspiring minimalist contemporary art."


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