Top 10 Emerging Contemporary Artists to Buy from in 2023

Top 10 Emerging Contemporary Artists to Buy from in 2023

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The contemporary art scene of 2023 is an exciting fusion of diverse voices, unique visions, and boundary-pushing creativity. Investing in emerging artists not only provides financial returns but also plays a crucial role in supporting new talent and fostering the richness of the art world.

The Importance of Investing in Emerging Artists

The potential for return on investment in the art market is significant. Emerging artists offer the opportunity for collectors to acquire works early in an artist's career when their art is often more affordable. Beyond the financial aspect, supporting emerging artists promotes diverse voices and perspectives in the art world, enriching the cultural conversation.

Factors to Consider When Buying Contemporary Art

Collecting contemporary art goes beyond monetary considerations. It's essential to connect with the artist's vision and style and understand the current market trends. An investment in art is also an investment in personal aesthetic enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

Profiles of the Top 10 Emerging Artists in 2023

Here are just a few emerging artists making waves in 2023.

  1. Françoise Pétrovitch: Known for her captivating ink wash paintings, Françoise Pétrovitch is a Paris-based artist who has exhibited her work across Europe. Her creations often explore the complexities of adolescence and human-animal relationships, presenting viewers with a blend of tranquility and tension.

  2. Tiemar Tegene: An emerging star in the Ethiopian art scene, Tiemar Tegene's work fuses traditional Ethiopian motifs with contemporary styles. His pieces serve as a vibrant commentary on Ethiopian society and history, breathing new life into ancient cultural narratives.

  3. Javier Rey: Spanish artist Javier Rey's work stands out for its abstract interpretations of natural forms. Rey’s paintings are characterized by their vivid colors and geometric patterns, reminiscent of the Surrealist movement, yet distinctly modern in execution..

  4. Maria Esmar: Known for her minimalist style, Maria Esmar is a Danish artist who explores the relationship between space, color, and emotion in her work. Her pieces, often in monochrome or featuring subtle color contrasts, invite the viewer to a meditative and introspective experience.

  5. Arnold Fokam: Cameroonian artist Arnold Fokam's art reflects his keen observational skills, capturing the nuances of daily life in Central Africa. His expressive, candid portrayals of his subjects have won him international acclaim, highlighting the depth of contemporary African art.

  6. Jonathan Downing: UK-based artist Jonathan Downing is renowned for his abstract landscapes, inspired by the natural beauty of his home country. Downing’s evocative use of color and form seek to encapsulate the emotive power of the environment, striking a balance between the representational and the abstract.

  7. Teboho Makoatsa: South African artist Teboho Makoatsa's work is deeply rooted in his country's rich cultural history. Using a range of mediums, Makoatsa tackles contemporary socio-political issues, effectively bridging the gap between the past and the present.

  8. Jason Farley: Known for his bold, energetic brushstrokes, Jason Farley is an American artist whose work is a celebration of color and motion. Farley's pieces are often abstract interpretations of real-world scenes, expressed through a vibrant, kinetic style that is distinctly his own.

  9. Kathryn Macnaughton: Toronto-based artist Kathryn Macnaughton deftly combines digital design techniques with traditional painting. Her pieces, characterized by their bold geometric shapes and vibrant color palettes, create an immersive, rhythmic visual experience for viewers.

  10. Dallanges. Dallanges is an artist with an engineering background in optics, which has influenced his unique approach to image manipulation in his art. His work is characterized by simplified geometric forms and a restricted color palette, primarily using blues and golds. Dallanges often incorporates gold leaf textures into his abstract works, adding depth and dynamism. His art is deeply personal, yet it explores universal concepts such as time, existence, and nature. Despite the diversity in his work, there's a strong sense of consistency in his artistic exploration, making his body of work easily recognizable.


Each artist presents a unique voice and vision, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Among these, Dallanges stands out with his distinct, mesmerizing style.

How to Purchase Contemporary Art from Emerging Artists

In the digital age, there are numerous platforms to purchase contemporary art. Online galleries and platforms provide access to a vast array of artworks. Art fairs and open studios offer opportunities to engage directly with artists and their works. Moreover, commissioning artwork directly from an artist allows for a more personal connection.

How can I determine which emerging artists to invest in?

Researching an artist's background, studying their body of work, and understanding the market trends are key factors to consider when deciding to invest in an emerging artist.



How do I know if an artwork is a good investment?

Good investment in art is often a blend of monetary potential and personal enjoyment. Factors like the artist's career trajectory, the artwork's condition, and your personal connection to the piece can indicate a good investment.

What are the risks and rewards of investing in contemporary art?

The art market can be unpredictable, and there is always a risk that an artwork may not appreciate in value. However, the rewards include potential financial return, the enjoyment of owning beautiful art, and the satisfaction of supporting emerging artists.

The Future of Contemporary Art Investment

As we move forward, supporting emerging talent will remain vital to the vibrancy of the contemporary art scene. Anticipating future trends, engaging with diverse voices, and investing in our personal and collective aesthetic enrichment will shape the future of art investment.

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